Who said Amazon is useless and dangerous? Amazon is great!
Amazon is as a magic treasure chest (you know, it's a bit like Zelda... what a wonderful texture rendering by the way, it makes me nostalgic) and it's better than your childhood spent on treasure hunting in your grandparent's attic. You can find really amazing stuff.

Stuff like WinZip 14.5 for just € 37.84 while WinRar and similar softwares have been around since ages and for free. Or the creepy 100 shots bukkake cum lotion. But I've no need for kinky sex things. Maybe I'm lokking for some geeky food like canned unicorn meat. Talking about geeks, what about a Wenger Swiss knife (at the very friendly price of $1,395.00, take note please). Whoa, there's a rare uranium ore! I want that! But wait, I also fancy those marvelous bacon shaped themed Adhesive Bandages ($5.03 please). Maybe I should ponder whether Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot is worth a read?

I could keep going for centuries. Well as I said, Amazon is a bottomless magic treasure chest, with amazing and dangerous stuff.

Sorry, I gotta go: my Images You Should Not Masturbate To still lies unread on my desk.

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